Calm and relaxing, the area is an ideal place for a sightseeing trip alone or in group. Measuring up to 22m long and 200m wide on a distance of 700m, the gorges are one of the main natural tourist attractions in the North Region. They were formed thanks to a volcanic eruption which deposited sedimentary rocks on the Mayo Louti river course, thereby blocking its flow. As years went on, the river flow was first deviated round the clump of rocks. Later on, the waters beautifully carved a deep narrow passage through the rocks – which today is known as Kola Gorges. 

This outstanding attraction in the Sahel is accessible by road from the city of Garoua, which has an international airport. It takes less than one hour thirty minutes to get there. Pictured from a distance, the rocky landscape looks like a man-made sculpture with different colours of paint. One only gets a clear picture when she walks through the rocks which have been carefully polished and carved into different shapes by the flow of water. The rocks are grey and white or gold-like in colour, the latter being due to the effect of the sand. 

To enter the Kola Gorges, one has to be willing to part company with 500 CFA francs as entry fee.  And then, you will find a set of committed youths anxious to walk you through the gorges as guides for a small fee. Any of these locals will certainly not forget to tell you about one of the caverns formed in the rocks – it is said to be the Devil’s apartment.

It is best to visit the site in the dry season since the water level will be relatively lower. This will enable you to freely walk within the rocks, giving you a good feel of the freshness of the Mayo Louti River. During the raining season, the river floods the rocks.

However, this site which attracts circa 6,000 national and international visitors each year is almost abandoned to itself. But, local inhabitants around the site are taking matters into their hands to keep the Kola Gorges alive.

by : Aureline MELI/ Journalist


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