On the 12th june was celebrated the world day against child labour. From where comes its credo and origine ?

Since the antique days, child labour is a phenomena that has been observed and which caught attention on the difficulties of works assigned to them. An alarming situation, that causes many people to interfere. Debates have been made on that issue for several centuries, particulary dispositions have been taken to palliate it.

In 2002, the International organisation of work (IOW) established the international day to fight against child labour. The 12th of june was choosen for that purpose for the world to set up against this sad reality. For more clarity and  common comprehension, the latter organisation calls each child Who has less of 18 old. The interval  which is considered for the establishment of statistics is between 5 and 17 years old. It is so because, children Who have less of 5 years are not generally counted in household purposes, for the weakness of their body. By the same way, it defines work as an « economic activity », paid or no ; either  formal or informal sector. The natural home does not counted. Only light labour or work are not dangerous  bécasse those concern  children of that range.

     The first objective of this mesure is to give a child the possibility to develop correctly and to entertain. To justify that reason, a study on the child’s right makes to understand that before the age of 16 old the child is still fragile and its body doesn’t permit him to offer big efforts. So, his bassehold and treatment have to accorde to him the respect of  his physical, moral and mental abilities.

Nowadays, 152 millions of children aged from 5 to 17 old are obliged to work and more than half of them are doing dangerous activities. Among them 48% aged from 5 to 11old  ; 28% from 12 to 14 old and 24% from 15 to 17old . A worry situation that brought IOW for this 18th edition, to choose the following theme : Protect children from child labour, now more than ever.

By : Raïssa AMASSAGALEDA KOGNI/ Journalist

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