The uncontrolled cutting of green spaces is a crucial phenomenon to be mitigated to control the evolution of drought and famine in the world.

Celebrated each 19th of June, the 26th edition of world day to combat desertification and drought is the one occasion to remind all in fact that, the neutrality according to the degradation of earths is possible depending to the strong engagement of the community and cooperation in all the domains.

The choice of the theme of this year which is « Foods-fodder-fibers; Sustainable production and consumption«  is not by chance. It’s a theme which is focus on appeal to the behavior change face to the main factors of the desertification and degradation of earths. The population growth which leads to a capital urbanization causes the request of earths which were reserved to production of foods, fodders for animals and fibers to the production of dresses. This strong request leads to massive exploitation of earths and their deterioration, a kind of phenomena which is made worst by the weather change. The ecosystem of drought earths which covers more than one over third of the earth surface is vulnerable to massive exploitation at the fact of activities in the research of foods, fodders and fibers. When those earths are fragile, the vegetal covering disappears and the worst weather takes place. This abusive research of human’s needs satisfactions that are transformations and degradations of ecosystem have an unviable rhythm that hurts the biodiversity.

Foods, fodders and fibers production contributes also to the weather change. Many noxious emissions of greenhouse gas come from the use of earths (agriculture, forest warde etc). We really consider that beyond the public viewpoints, desertification is not earth transformations to the wilderness but rather the earth degradations of drought and semi-drought zones by many factors such as entropic activities (foods, fodders and fibers). To confront this matter, the ODD 15 defined and called people to good manage forests, to combat desertification, to engage and reverse earth degradations process and to stop biodiversity impoverishment.

Be with the target to change costumer’s and enterprises behaviors to adopt efficacy and sustainable practices, is one of the way to provide present and future human’s needs by the productive  and available earths without hurting those earths.    

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