International Women Entrepreneurship Forum : Third Edition On Track

The main aim of this edition is to promote the “Made in Cameroon” concept and get women involved in fun and instructive activities in prelude to the International Women’s Day

Organised annually by Healing Africa Association, the International Women Entrepreneurship Forum has been initiated in 2019 to provide « a real platform for the promotion women’s talent at eve of the International Women’s Day, » as Tchagoua Guy Merlin, promoter of the event declared. According to him, this edition is special as the organising team has decided to focus on the promotion of Made in Cameroon products and services and the evaluation of female entrepreneurship in Cameroon. The forum will take place at the Yaoundé National Museum from February 24 to 26, 2021, under the theme “African women towards globalisation”.

Participants at this edition are expected to reveal their know-how and acquire new skills thanks to the different activities of the forum which will include expositions of a variety of products in stands, debates, training workshops and many others to keep the women abreast with issues concerning them. A miss beauty contest to promote natural beauty will also be organised for university students aged between 20 and 30.  

The event is organised under the auspices of the Ministries of Women Empowerment and Family, Arts and Culture, Youths and Civic Education and the Ministry of Culture. Today , the forum has trained and satisfied more than 200 youths and women. While waiting for the official launch, the promoter recalls that stands are available for associations, companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and any other companies ready to showcase their services.

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