Book Launch Secrets of Fundraising With Crowfunding

Launched on May 21, 2021, the book « Itinéraire d’un entrepreneur africain ; expérience à partir du crowdfunding, levier de l’entrepreneuriat », presents the keys to successful fundraising for entrepreneurs through crowdfunding.
Aureline MELI

Many entrepreneurs today are slowed down in their businesses due to the lack of funds. It is difficult to turn to banks especially when not having an effective collateral security. Facing these difficulties, Borel Taguia Kana, young entrepreneur has turned to crowdfunding in order to raise capital for his start-up – Tagus Drone (an industry specialised in artificial intelligence, manufacturing and marketing of solar drones, renewable energies, and web and software development). « Crowdfunding is a method of financing by the crowd. It is a system that allows project owners to have their business financed by a group of people who form a capital and come to invest their funds in the project. It can be digital or physical, » Borel Taguia explained.
The fund raising process permitted the start up to collect FCFA 200 485 695, an amount above the FCFA 200 000 000 needed for the project.
His experiences and solutions have been put into writing in the book titled « Itinéraire d’un entrepreneur africain ; expérience à partir du crowdfunding, levier de l’entrepreneuriat », in English – Itinerary of an African entrepreneur ; experience with crowdfunding as a lever for entrepreneurship. « This book is a condensé of difficulties I came though in my entrepreneurial journey and how I overcame them, » the author declared. Published on April 2021, the 113 pages book is subdivided into three main parts namely Prolegomenon on the concept of entrepreneurship, From idea to project and Keys to successful fundraising through crowdfunding. It has been prefaced by Pr Biwole Ondoua Viviane and was officially presented to the public during a launching ceremony coupled with the end of fundraising process for TAGUS DRONE and the official presentation of TAGUS INVESTMENT in Yaounde. The event saw the presence of officials like Minister Jean De Dieu Momo who expressed his satisfaction to the efforts of a youth like Borel. « He is a great example for other youths to dare. He has proven that difficulties are opportunities, » the minister reiterated.
Borel Taguia Kana is a 28-year old graduate from the National Advanced School of Engineering of the University of Maroua and is a holder of an invention patent issued by the African Intellectual Property Organisation.
Aureline MELI

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