Peace Building Media, Youths Empowered

This was during a workshop dubbed “Give Dialogue a Chance” organised by Watchman Relief Association Global on May 29, 2021 in Yaoundé,
By Aureline MELI

Media professionals and youths in general play a key role in shaping opinions due to the way they make use of different communication outlets including the internet. However, this group of people sometimes do not have the necessary skills on how they can effectively use media outlets to promote peace. To this effect, the NGO Watchman Relief Association Global organised aseminar with the main aim of strengthening the capacity of media personnel and youths to play a proactive role in creating peace and promoting tolerance, coexistence and non-extremist approaches.
Over 20 participants from the Centre, North West, South West, Littoral and West regions have been sensitised on the importance and ways of promoting peace and living together during the “Give Dialogue a Chance” Workshop. Some of the themes brainstormed on centered on “the use of dialogue as a tool for conflict prevention and transformation”, “Youth and violent extremism/armed conflicts” and “the role of the media, youths and internet in countering hate speech and fake news in communities (case of the NoSo)” during which Ngala Desmond, country project manager of “Defy Hate Now”, insisted on the fact that transparency, accuracy and credibility should be the rule for all internet users and the media. “I have learned a lot about how important peace is to our environment through effective dialogue. Concerning media mobilisation, Youths should use the internet rightly for net worth,” Damaris Sirri Ambendu, Participant.
This project is part of a one-year programme to reinforce Cameroon’s fragile context by shifting attitudes and behaviours of citizens away from intolerant approaches towards greater tolerance, inclusiveness and understanding among the country’s various regional, political, ethnic and socio-economic groups.
Created in 2019, Watchman Relief Association Global is a non-profit humanitarian body whose goal is to disseminate information and promote learning among youths and the less privileged in particular in order to acquire sustainability in education, health, peace, agriculture and the environment.
Aureline Meli

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