State Support to Startups : Silicon Mountain Gets One Year Free Internet Connection

By Aureline MELI

The announcement was made by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications during a three-day working visit to the city of Buea on June 17, 2021.

Broadband internet connection is one of the main primary resources for digital start-ups. It is in a bid to reduce the operating costs of these companies and promote digital economy that the government through the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has granted twelve months of free high speed internet connection to the Silicon Valley community in the South West region. The information was made public during a working session between Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng and members of the community. This initiative is aimed at promoting digital entrepreneurship and improving working conditions among tech developers in the region.
The encounter with the Buea based technology hub was part of a working visit to the South West region for the official launching of the second phase of the National Campaign to promote the culture of cyber security which is aimed at raising awareness on the responsible use of social media. During her visit, the Minister equally announced the construction of an innovation centre for start-ups at the Advanced School of Posts and Telecommunications in Buea as well as the setting up of a Start Up Act- a law specifically designed to stimulate demand for innovation and encourage entrepreneurship. Silicon Mountain is Cameroon’s tech companies’ hub where, smart developers, designers and digital professionals come together to solve community problems through technology.

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